Albino A+ magic mushroom is a beautiful p.cubensis mushroom to grow. the capsof this magic mushroom are creamy white and the stem have a blue shimmer psychedeliccenterhto them. this spectacular mushroom strain is a mutation of the A+ strain.
All ‘Albino’ mushroom mutations are leucistic.

Albino Mushrooms are very closely related to a popular mushroom strain called the Albino A+. Albino A+ magic mushrooms strain is as a result of growing Albino A+ under sunlight for too long, resulting to “Albino” portion being removed and the mushrooms showing a light golden caps. A+ Shrooms appear to be medium in size and have a slightly silvery hue with caps that are caramel but not really brown caps.

these are types of magic mushroom that have reduced pigmentation called leucism.
this leucism makes them mutate to psilocybin cubensis A strain.
they have a whitish-grey hue stem cap, no pigmentation and slightly potent.

Effects of Albino mushrooms

The A+ strain is a of the Mexicana strain and with this lineage you should expect psychedelic hallucinating effects like colorful visuals and deep exploration of thoughts and feelings. Laughter is also part of the A+ magic mushroom experience when enjoyed in a group. A+ shrooms can be experienced alone for self-reflection or with a group of friends for hours of ab workout laughter

Albino A+ potency

It is a little more potent than a regular strain of psilocybin cubensis cause of leucism.
even though not the most potent strain of mushroom, this makes it excellent option for mostly newbies.

Albino A+ effects

The effect are more likely to other cubes strain but a bit stronger due to it’s potency. you can expect positive effects ranging from
enhanced mood, increased creativity feelings, visual hallucinations. some psychedelic effects might even change the heart and blood pressure.
A+ have some negative effects like you develope sensitivity to light, nausea, dizziness, inability to focus.

Magic mushrooms have been nown for it’s mental health benefits, people suffering from mental health like anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disoder, PTSD, have found great benefits after taing Albino A+ mushrooms.

How to dose Albino Mushrooms

Psilocybin appears to have different reactions and effects on people the dosage below are just a general giude.
there are shroom calculators online that helps individual based on thier bodywieght and shroom type give an accurate dosage.

if you’re eating directly, it is good to start with a dosage of 1-2gs
when taking shrooms in tea use approximately 5gs for every 1-1.5 cups of water.
micrdosing tae 0.1-0.2gs

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