Buy Mounjaro Weight Loss Injection Online


Mounjaro Weight Loss Injection is a new once-weekly that helps with weight loss by reducing hunger and regulating blood glucose levels. It is injected weekly under the skin (subcutaneous injection). You can buy Mounjaro Weight Loss Injection online from our registered Weight Loss Clinic.

The active ingredient in Mounjaro is tirzepatide, which is prescribed for adults with obesity. It mimics hormones of your body’s GLP-1 and GIP that reduce hunger and regulate blood glucose levels in your body.

It is important to note that it is a prescription-only weight-loss medication. You will be able to buy Mounjaro after completing a short online consultation, which will be reviewed by our registered doctors.

If approved, a prescription will be passed on to our pharmacy team for dispensing and delivery of the medication to your doorstep. Our doctors will prescribe you an alternative medication if Mounjaro does not suit your body.

Each pack of Mounjaro contains 4 x weekly doses.

Prices include prescription

2.5 mg (4 x doses of 2.5 mg) $159.00
5 mg (4 x doses of 5 mg) $189.00
7.5 mg (4 x doses of 7.5 mg) $229.00
10 mg (4 x doses of 10 mg) $229.00
12.5 mg (4 x doses of 12.5 mg) $245.00
15 mg (4 x doses of 15 mg) $245.00