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Also, avoid drinking where to buy ayahuasca if currently using selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), a common class of antidepressants. This dangerous combination, again due to the presence of MAOI in ayahuasca, can result in serotonin syndrome. This involves high levels of serotonin accumulating in the body, which can sometimes be fatal.

“Ayahuasca & the Path of the Shaman” is a 94 minute documentary that investigates the healing properties of the Peruvian Plant Medicine, Ayahuasca. Driven by a need to heal from his own depression, Dave, travels from his home outside Vancouver, Canada, to Peru in search of this spiritual plant, where he eventually is taught by a Shipibo Master how to work with it. The film’s narrative unfolds through a series of storylines: We follow Shannan, as she begins her journey with Dave and this medicine, uncovering child-hood trauma buried deep inside her sub-conscious. We hear from Lisa, a recovering heroin and crack addict that worked as a prostitute in the streets of Toronto. We also hear from Gabor Mate, whom through talk therapy, helps participants uncover how their experiences with Ayahuasca relate to their daily lives. And finally we hear from Libby. Who starts her journey with this plant by leaving a suicide message on her phone that thankfully never gets delivered.